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Client Self Evaluator

Heard about introspection? Refers to self-analysis! Freud suggested introspection every once in a while lead to healthy psychological state.
At DSI we believe self-observation leaves one in a better position of deciding what course to take. Do you feel your business has lost direction? Do you question your business strategy? Are you struggling with achieving your goals? Are you and your employees on the same page? Do you want insights in the methodology and proven best practices?
We suggest you take the test below and find out for yourself.
Count the number of “that is true” while answering the following questions:
1, I feel my organization is not giving me the results I aimed for.
2. The urge to re-evaluate my business model is getting stronger.
3. We face quite some challenges at this moment.
4. I feel my employees have lost track.
5. I want to feel energy working with the challenges.

If you answered “yes” once, please contact us today.

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