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Drip Feed Training

Worry about your Return on Training Investments (R.O.T.I) no more. We have a perfect match for your R.O.T.I needs. DSI introduces Drip Feed Training Program.

Drip Feed is a unique model for trainings introduced only by DSI. Drip Feed Training model is highly effective for organizations having regular issues with staff performance and manager’s supervisory skills. However, Drip Feed trainings can also be customized to address general workload-performance issues and to polish time management skills.
These training sessions are designed to make the participants perform the devised action plans and learn, implement and hence benefit from the same, in their line of work.

Drip Feed training programs are carried out around the year. Participants are taught two new skills through enriched interactive sessions every month. Every session usually takes 4 hours. The participants are then asked to implement the same in their occupational roles. DSI and its clients evaluate the performance enhancements among the participants through exchanging monthly assessment and feedback. This gives the organization a clear picture about their employees’ learning from the training.

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