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Social Marketing

Did you know that Ford spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year to increase consumer awareness of key-vehicle related environment issues? Why does Ford indulge in this? Because it realizes the importance of social marketing.

Today customers are more educated and aware than ever before. They are well aware of the well-being of those around them. Investment into social marketing has brought along great advantages to organizations. Although the competition for bigger market shares is getting out of control, yet, the realization of a greater purpose of social well-being is like never before.
We at DSI realize that developing a CSR campaign or conducting behavior change campaigns to focus on social good can be a challenging task. We help you plan the perfect campaign.
The behavioral change campaigns are further bifurcated into community change and personal change. Our tailor made modules, research insights and experience give you just the right flavor.
There has been a lot of buzz about behavior change communication in health sector and charities. If you are a businessman, haven’t you ever wondered what a way to reach my customers. If you are a development professional, haven’t you wanted to change the way your target population acts! Of course you have. And you are not mistaken to consider behavior change communication as a tool to reach out to your targeted audience.

First and foremost principle of an effective behavior changes communication campaign:
Listen to Your Audience if you do not understand their behaviors, how can you know what behavior needs change.
We know you have many more questions. At DSI Social Marketing, we conduct behavior studies to know the aspects of behavior that needs to be looked at. Then, our team of creative writers and art directors design the behavior change communication campaign for the target audience based on our research findings. This campaign is then taken to the target audience for pre-testing. We submit the results of pre-testing to the client immediately and then the show begins! To know more, please contact DSI Social Marketing today.

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