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Social Media

How many times a day do you come across Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media? Many times right? If you are coming across the medium then so are your customers. The percentage increase in the number of users who have access to social media is phenomenal. In today’s era organizational growth is all about reaching out to customers and what better way to reach out than social media? We the DSI team know how to develop a strategy that grabs the customers attention by the interruption. We know how to influence their analysis and hence interpretation. We also know how to engage with them and ask them to engage with us in return! Rings bells? Yes, we can help you reach out and avail immense opportunities in this 21st century marvel called social media.Some areas of expertise in Social Media include:

  • Creation of a blog
  • Creation of a vlog
  • Facebook management page
  • Case study development
  • Short film/documentary creation

Our model of social media management revolves around the model of:

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