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DSI Talent

Have you ever imagined your cook stitching your clothes? Think for a minute! The end result doesn’t sound very pleasing!

We at DSI believe in expertise. There is always a perfect match for a job out there; a person who wants the job out of passion, not merely for the heck of it.  Organization’s strive for the perfect employee pool because they realize that human resources are the most prized capital of an organization. At DSI we help you build and maintain this prized capital.

Our extensive sourcing, pre qualification and selection policies ensure we determine the perfect match your organization deserves. Our experienced team of HR consultants and training professionals work with you to help you understand, develop and quantify your HR programs and policies through:

  • HR Consulting
  • Turn-Key Recruitment
  • HR Outsourcing & Payroll Management
  • Organizational 360 Degree Surveys
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