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Nebosh Health & Saftey Training

Well! We can imagine how frustrating it can get when you have the right academic background and desire to work in manufacturing and refining industry but you get rejected every time you apply for a position. You can never find out what went wrong?

So, here’s the thing. The leading manufacturing and refining industries, be it industrial engineering or oil and gas sector companies, are becoming more and more aware of the losses they incur in lieu of health damages and employee injuries. They have become wise now. They want their employees to have skills and knowledge of health and safety measures at workplace.

As the employers become wise, so do the employees and applicants. They want to have the skills and capacities which their employers want. Occupational Health and Safety trainings have become a sort of must-have skills when it comes to employment in manufacturing and oil and gas sector companies.

And when it comes to occupational health and safety, there are no training programmes more inclusive than NEBOSH. If you haven’t heard of it already, you are in a big big trouble.

Let us help you out in this time of trouble here. NEBOSH is one of THE most authentic health and safety trainings provider across globe. A UK-based Examination Board, NEBOSH offers a range of general and industry specific health and safety training qualifications.

NEBOSH has started providing its qualifications outside UK through its accredited course providers. More and more people are becoming aware of these trainings and more than 35,000 candidates, are attracted by them every year.

The National Examination Board for Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) course is designed to provide managers and supervisors with the knowledge and skills necessary to oversee resources and assess risk. Practical, interactive teaching is conducted by highly qualified British Safety Council tutors. Legal requirements, environmental concerns and performance measurement are also covered.

For your Health & Safety Training needs, Behavior Based Safety Training needs and NEBOSH accredited training needs, DSI is a one-stop shop solution. Please contact DSI Training to know more.

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