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Social Media Monitoring and Analytics

Our Social Media Monitoring and Analytics wing acts a watchdog for our clients. We are the guardian angel, the Godfather, the eyes and ears of your brand. We sit countless hours in front of the social media and monitor what people are saying about your brand and competitors. We keep extracting the data until our storyboard presents a complete picture about your brand. Here comes the technical part, based on our experience and expert skill set, we carry out a surgery on the collected data by using powerful analytical tools and generate a largely pictorial report with sleek graphics and infographics. Finally, we suggest campaigns and methods to embolden the attributes of the brand while rectifying the shortcomings.

What good is all this- you ask?  This modern platform of interaction is the hub of drawing-room discussions, this is the place where stuff becomes talk-of-the-town, and this is where the hot cakes are sold. Our cutting edge team of analysts presents you an opportunity to influence the future mode of communication, and consequently, it helps you in making informed business decisions.

Our Model is based on:

  • Communal Media
  • Multimodel
  • Digital Culture
  • ArtifacteBranding
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