Development Research

1. Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

World Health Organization states that 15% of world population defecates in the open. While, safe drinking water is still a distant reality for many parts of the world. The Goal No. 6 of The Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) has set a target for member countries for achieving & contributing towards a universal & equitable access to safe &affordable drinking water& adequate sanitation. DSI’s experience in WASH intervention design, monitoring & implementation is spread over a decade. Here’s what we can accomplish together.

We adhere to the highest quality standards and are committed toliving our values to create the unimaginable, and deliver the simplestsolutions to our internal and external stakeholders.

  1. WASH Formative Research
  2. Baseline, Midterm & End Term Evaluations
  3. IEC & Behavior Change Communication Design
  4. Capacity Building for Community & Sanitation Entrepreneurs

2. Education & Skills Development

262 million children & youth are out of school, as per UNESCO. Achieving universal primary & secondary education is of paramount significance. The lack of resources on governments’ part and lack of sustainability of resources for education intervention in non-profit sector are the major barriers to universal education. DSI has been contributing to achieving education through its services.

  1. Feasibility Study for Education Interventions
  2. Project Monitoring, Evaluations, Accountability & Learning
  3. e-Learning Development & Implementation
  4. Capacity Building for Public & Private School Teachers

3. Private Sector Development

A thriving private sector is an evident growth driver and poverty reduction indicator. It ensures sustainability and inclusive-economic growth across regions and sectors. However, private investors demand accurate and abundant information on business opportunities, and help and advise in exploring these unchartered territories. DSI has been a staunch believer of a flourishing private sector. Our service-reach in this area is data rich & analytical.

  1. Private Sector Development Consulting
  2. Markets Development & Capacity Building
  3. Networking Events Execution
  4. Markets Regulatory Specialism Consulting

4 . Agriculture & Livestock Enterprise Development

Agriculture and livestock are major sectors and contributors of poverty reduction. World Bank reports a total number of 500 million pastoralists in the world, who are managing a sustainable food system and ensuring food security in the world. However, low-income countries around the world need support in agribusiness marketing, management and market development. DSI, with its, 15 years of history, has been advising international agencies, supporting governments, and giving quality input to organisations for strategic outcomes in agriculture and livestock sectors.

  1. Agriculture & Livestock Business Enabling Environment
  2. Agribusiness Development, Marketing & Technical Backstopping
  3. Strengthening Agriculture & Livestock Enabling Environment
  4. Capacity Building for Public & Private School Teachers
  5. Agribusiness Execution & Project Evaluations

5. Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability& Learning

Our 15 years of experience in development has nurtured us well and we know how to adapt to change and strategically apply lessons learned across the projects. At the core of that expertise at DSI is our passion for monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL). We not only apply sector best practices for MEAL in our existing work, but we also ensure we are channeling that data into the way we design and implement future projects. In addition to drawing from innovative technologies and methodologies, we empower local staff, stakeholders, and partners to use quality data to bring momentous change.

  1. Third Party Monitoring Services
  2. Knowledge Attitude & Practice Study
  3. Formative Research Study
  4. MEAL Framework & Monitoring Design

6. Governance & Rule of Law

Democracy, democratic reform, and inclusive societies are the corner stone for a free and prosperous nation. The scope and spread of democratization activities are far reaching. From developing & implementing formal legal frameworks to the provision of and access to justice that is based on full acceptance of human dignity. At DSI, we believe that improved governance, rule of law, transparency, and accountability and right to information are basic human rights. The roles and responsibilities of duty bearers and right holders must be evident to create a society where the rule of law prevails and is held high.

  1. Strengthening Rule of Law Study
  2. Technical Assistance & Training on Legal Framework
  3. Capacity Building of Law Enforcement Agencies
  4. Counter Terrorism, Corruption, & Illicit Financial Flows Study

7. Environment & Climate Change

The world will warm by 3.0 ° C, way beyond 1.5-2 ° C, (Global 500). Undertaking climate change initiatives and managing an organization’s environmental impacts and dependencies is critical in many ways. At DSI, we support our clients to find innovative and effective ways to confront climate change; improve their organization’s environmental performance and achieve their environment objectives through innovation. Our practices relate to assessing environmental impacts, key controls for change and addressing these through comprehensive and dedicated approaches. They are strongly connected and interlinked with strategic planning & innovation and responsible investment.

  1. Climate Change and Environmental Study
  2. Projects for Sustainable Development
  3. Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  4. Capacity Building of Stakeholders
  5. Cause Marketing, Communication, & Reporting

8. Integrated Health

Despite technological advances in health sector, the challenges of public health are yet to be overcome. World Health Organization has declared weak primary healthcare, non-communicable diseases, vaccine Hesitancy, antimicrobial resistance, fragile and vulnerable settings, dengue, and HIV as some of the top threads to global threat at this day and age. Public health is everyone’s responsibility and at DSI, we serve the torchbearers of public health with out in-depth insights, and analytical solutions.

  1. Knowledge Products on Non-communicable Diseases
  2. NCD IEC & Behavior Change Communication Design
  3. Nutrition Program Design Consultancy
  4. Health Component Implementation in Urban & Rural Settings

9. Entrepreneurship & Women Empowerment

With 1.8 billion people aged between 15 to 29, the world’s youth population is at an all time high. With87% of the world’s youth living in developing countries, persistent unemployment among youngpeople remains a problem. Moreover, majority of women in developing countries holistically do not have access to fulltime employment, based on social taboos of homely chores. Entrepreneurship, and Small & Medium-sized Enterprise Development,provide sources of sustainable economic growth to youth, men and women alike, and contribute to job creation and increased productivity. DSI has been the flagship provider of entrepreneurship trainings, mentoring and capacity building programs.

  1. Skill Development & Mentoring on Digital Skills
  2. Capacity Building on Digital Entrepreneurship
  3. Employment Linkages Program Implementation
  4. Incubation & Capacity Buildingfor Youth & Women

10. IT & e-Governance

The digital revolution from mouse click to touchpad usage has transformed the human experience to a great extent. In order to improve the life of a common man, the initiatives of digital empowerment and implementation of e-governance across government departments is inevitable. DSI and it’s sister concerns have been advocating and promoting e-governance for half a decade and supporting e-governance initiatives through multilevel services.

  1. Design & Implementation of MIS Systems
  2. e-Governance Transformation Baseline Survey
  3. Capacity Building on e-Governance & m-Governance
  4. Designing Standard Enterprise Architecture Guidelines
  5. Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems